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For those individuals who prefer something natural for their teeth, there are many types of herbal toothpastes on the market. Herbal dental products are made from natural ingredients and some are even certified as organic. There is absolutely no difference in texture or consistency of these toothpastes when compared to the conventional toothpaste currently available on the market. However, the two major differences between natural toothpastes and the other toothpaste are the color and flavor. Most natural toothpastes do not look pristine white but have a range of colors. These toothpaste many not appear appealing initially but they function just as great and keep the teeth clean for a long time. The other distinct difference about natural toothpastes is their flavor. Consumers have started to switch over to natural toothpastes chiefly because they want natural ingredients. All regular tooth pastes come with many different synthetic chemicals, dyes and artificial flavors. With the herbal products, all you get are natural herbs and plant extracts.

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